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Welcome to RunPrep, where you can find the information you need to reach your running and fitness goals.

Want to know a little bit more about us?

RunPrep is edited and authored almost exclusively by Waqas Khan. RunPrep is dedicated to empowering you with credible and up-to-date advice on all diet, weight loss, exercise, and running topics. RunPrep as a place to stay connected with the fantastic sport of running. Getting injured over a year ago now left me unsettled, unsatisfied, and quite frankly a little lost not being able to run. Therefore, I created this blog: RunPrep. Since then, RunPrep has become so much more, it’s become a space for both beginner and veteran runners alike to learn something new, be a part of the community, and most importantly has allowed me to give something back to this sport I so dearly love.

On the blog, you’ll find running tips from both personal experience and general know-how, training advice, an extensive list of gear reviews, and so much more you can sink your teeth into. I generally post two times each week.